X-Keys Programmable Keypads and Keyboards (80 Key, XK-80)

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  • Instantly customizeable control panel with a compact footprint
  • Perfect for video or audio control switching
  • 80 keys with USB connection to computer
  • Includes programming software for Windows. MAC and Linux users will need to program the device in HW mode on a Windows 7/8/10. Once programmed the macros are stored on the device’s MCU, the unit can then be brought over to a computer running MAC/Linux for use.
  • Addressable blue and red backlighting for each key

Product Description

X-keys provide rugged, reliable computer input hardware - programmable keypads, keyboards, and controls. Serving everyone from individual users to multinational corporations and providing mission-critical controls with unparalleled support. Thousands of our devices make the man to machine connection in studios, laboratories, offices, factories, and homes worldwide.

Clear Key Lenses Hold Legends Securely and Protect them from Wear

Select from a sheet of pre-printed icons or create your own legends on the blank sheet which is also included.

Clearly labeling your dedicated keys improves efficiency and shortens training time for new users. 

Instant Customization

Add or remove keys, blockers, and large keys to create an intuitive layout for your workflow.

Grouping keys with related functions
improves efficiency and allows the user to focus on creative elements instead of searching for tools or functions in the interface.

Two tall keys, one wide key, and a key puller are included. Large keys and key blockers are available as accessories.

Included Programming Software for Windows and OS X

MacroWorks 3.1 for Windows features a wide range of macros including shortcuts to frequently used programs, folders, and files.

ControllerMate for OS X offers a comprehensive building block approach for simple or complex macros.

Both programs are included as free downloads with all X-keys USB devices.

Keystrokes and combinations may also be written into the X-keys memory to emulate a USB keyboard or mouse function on any operating system. Use MacroWorks for Windows to take advantage of this feature.

Application Specific Layers and Special Functions

Using MacroWorks for Windows, each application on your system can have its own set of dedicated keys. This allows the same key to trigger different macros in different programs. 

For example, the Move tool shortcut in Photoshop is V but in Sketchup, it is M. Using an application specific layer, the same key will send V if Photoshop has focus and M if Sketchup has focus. 

An array of special functions including F13-F24 keys, multimedia commands (Play/Pause, Volume Up or Down, Previous or Next Track, etc.), Time and Date insert, and more are selected under the Functions tab in MacroWorks. 
Complex macros may be constructed and edited line by line including delays, repeats, and separate macros on press and release of an X-key.