Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere - Pentagons 12-Piece Set - Aqua - Fun Desk Toy for Adults

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  • THE ORIGINAL MAGNETIC FIDGET SPHERE: Palm pleasing pentagons meet powerful rare earth magnets in this delightfully distracting desktop dodecahedron (distractahedron, if you will). Looking for a deconstructable, reconstructable design object that breaks down so you don’t have to? Then we made Geode for you!
  • STACKABLE, SHAKEABLE, SNAPPABLE, BUILDABLE: Use magnetic magic to build gravity defying structures then use your hand as a hammer to mess up your masterpiece. Have a jumble of pieces? Pile them into your palms and shake vigorously. They’ll magically self-align every time!
  • FUN FRUSTRATION FREE FIDGET: Fidget to find your favorite configuration! Geode pieces connect on every side so you’ll always find a connection. Easy to use, harder to master - you’ll be playing with these pentagons permanently! Way more fidgeting fun than a fidget spinner, trust us!
  • 100+ COMBINATIONS AND COUNTING: Flex your artistic brain and see what structures, towers and spheres you can make. The guide that’s included will get you started with the basics but see if you can unleash your creativity and invent new shapes on your own! Take your desk from blah to breathtaking with a geometric Geode creation!
  • AGES 14+: Keep away from all children.

Product Description

The original magnetic fidget sphere!

Meet Geode, on-the-desk or on-the-go, Geode is the perfect fidget toy. Each set includes 12 pentagons that magically align and snap into place every time.

100+ combinations!

Stacks, spheres, towers, ovals, pyramids - the geometric possibilities are endless! Take your desk from blah to bewildering with a set of geode to inspire any gawking coworkers passing by.

A secret trick?

Of course. Jumble the 12 pentagons in your palms and shake loosely until they magically form a sphere! Voila- now go show your coworkers.

Frustrating-free fidget.

Fidget spinners are so 2017. Geode is fidget with a dose of creativity and a side of magical magnets. Give your fingertips the satisfaction they deserve with these 12-magnetic pentagons.

Gift guide approved.

Got a list with hard-to-shop-for coworkers, teenagers, and boss’s? No more! Win everyone over no matter if they’re from the dorm room to the boardroom. Who doesn’t love a little magnet magic?

Geode fidget sphere.

Each set of geode has 60 rare earth magnets inside (5 per piece!) and fully adheres to all safety standards. Share with anyone 14+ – or keep ‘em for yourself, we won’t tell!

  • 12 pentagonal pieces
  • 60 rare earth magnets
  • Geometric perfection
  • Reversible pieces

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