Qualward Outdoor Window Air Conditioner Covers for outside Dust-Proof Waterproof AC Outdoor Cover Units (21.5" W X 15" H X 16" D)

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  • Waterproof Material: Window ac covers for outside are made of high quality waterproof polyester fabric, with a silver inner layer, better waterproof effect, washable and durable.
  • Inside Dimensions - 21.5"width x 15"high x 16"deep. Fits Most 3,000 - 7,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Units.
  • Double Straps Design: Window air conditioner covers has two adjustable straps with snap buckle, make the cover not easy being falling due to wind, easy to put on and take off.
  • Draft Protection: The window ac cover provides extra protection for your machine from bad weather conditions or other unexpected damage: strong wind, rain, snow, debris, and more.
  • Please Note: Please kindly measure your unit before purchasing, choose a cover with the size slightly bigger than your unit.

Product Description

Qualward, Protect Your Air Conditioner Window Units Outdoor

Waterproof AC Cover- Keep AC dry and prevent rust, effectively prolong AC life


  • 21.5”H X 15”W X 16”H
  • 25.5”H X 17”W X 20.5”H
  • 27.5”H X 19”W X 23”H
Product Features

1. High quality polyester fabric, with a silver inner layer construction blocks cold drafts, dust, and debris from entering the home

2. Adjustable, plastic buckle straps keep cover securely in place throughout the winter

3. Waterproof material prevents the accumulation of moisture, including rain, sleet, and snow

Don't Forget To Get The Air Conditioner Covers For Window Units In The Winter.

Prevent wintry air from entering your home with Sturdy Covers’ Window Unit Defender

-Durable, protective cover fits snugly over the back of AC window units to prevent dust, dirt, and cold, winter air from entering the home

-Available in 3 sizes to provide protection for most standard-sized AC window units all winter long

-Includes 2 adjustable, plastic buckle straps to secure cover in place during windy conditions

Prevents Cold Drafts

With a durable polyester construction, This Window AC Unit Defender is designed to block drafts that enter the home through AC window units.

Repels Rain and Snow

This waterproof Window Unit Defender prevents the accumulation of rain and snow, protecting your AC window unit from rust and corrosion.

Easy to Install

For convenient installation, the Window Unit Defender slides onto the back of AC window units and includes two straps that adjust to secure the cover in place.

Universal Fit

Available in three sizes, the Window Unit Defender fits a range of standard-sized AC window units, providing protection from cold drafts throughout the winter.

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