Manhattan Wired Computer Keyboard, Black – Basic Keyboard - with 5Ft USB-A Cable, 104-Keys, Foldable Stands - Compatible for Windows, PC, Laptop - 3 Year Warranty - 179324

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  • Full-sized Keyboard: Offers 104 keys, including navigational controls, full functions and a 10-key keypad
  • Plug and Play: Easily connects you to your PC or laptop right away so you can get working or playing
  • Ample Wire Length Connection: Keyboard's 5-ft. wired connection gives you plenty of room to setup your keyboard where you want it
  • Status Indicators: Includes key status indicators for Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock functions
  • 3 Year Warranty: 3 year warranty when purchased from the manufacturer or authorized reseller. Switch life of each key withstands up to 3,000,000 keystrokes

Product Description

User Focused

The Manhattan Wired Keyboard sets you up for success and lets you focus on the task at hand. Because it's USB-bus powered, you never have to worry charging it up or changing the battery. The bright LED indicators let you know right away what function you're in, whether that's typing in all caps or entering only numbers into a spreadsheet. You don't have to configure any settings or have your computer "find" the keyboard. You plug it in, and you're ready to go.

Built for People Who Type

Enter text or numbers like a pro

The Manhattan Wired Keyboard plays a key part in getting work done. If you need to take what's in your head and put it into a computer file, this is the tool that will help you do it. It faithfully records each key you press and can withstand the tough keystrokes you make when you're "in the zone."

  • Full key layout
  • Strong key structure
  • Immediate familiarity

Multiple Applications

Dock/Workstation Setup

To setup a workspace with a dock or workstation, you'll likely need a keyboard that's different from the one on your laptop. This keyboard is the perfect fit since you can setup up your peripherals at the doc, while the cable lets you place the keyboard where you want it.

As a Replacement

If your keyboard is on the fritz or has already stopped working, this keyboard gets you setup and working in no time. This is because it has the layout you're used to and uses same shortcut functions you're familiar with.

As a Backup

Accidents happen. And it's so easy to spill liquids on keyboards and render them unusable. It's wise to have one on hand so you aren't left high and dry when you need to get work done.

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