Govee TV Backlights, 10Ft LED Lights for TV Work with Alexa, Google Assistant and APP, Music Sync, 16 Million RGB DIY Colors, TV LED Backlight for 46-60 Inch Tvs, USB Powered

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  • Smart Control: Govee LED Lights for TV support simple voice command by Alexa, Google Assistant, and they can also be controlled via Govee Home App or the 3-ways control box, free your hands from switch the tv lights.
  • Music Sync: With a built-in mic, the brightness and color of the LED lights for TV would change simultaneously while the USB input ambient music tempo shifts. Diverse lighting color and exciting music beat bring you to a real entertaining world.
  • Vibrant Scene Modes: RGB color TV backlights has 7 different scene modes including movie, dating, candlelight, romantic, breathe,twinkle, energetic. DIY mode supports 16 million color in Govee Home App. Multiple colors cater for your moods better.
  • Simple Installation: You can attach the TV LED backlight behind your TV easily. With clips and adhesives, the LED lights for TV made up of 4 pieces can be installed firmly on 4 sides of 46 to 60 inch TVs.
  • Suitable Length: 10ft(2x3.32ft+2x1.68ft)TV LED backlight fits most size of(46-60 inch)TV or computer. 4 strips TV backlights cover all sides of TV perfectly, you can design different length according to various size as well.

Product Description

Govee LED Lights for TV Work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Govee Home App. Bring You a Real Scene Experience


  • Smart control, LED lights for TV work with Alexa, Google Home, Govee Home app, easy to control.
  • Music immersion, with the ambiance of the music, the color of the light for TV will change simultaneous.
  • TV light with 16 million diy lighting colors and 7 scenes modes, satisfing your prefer color and scene needs.
  • Adjustable lighting can relief eyes fatigue caused by light difference between bright screen and dark room.
  • Suitable length, 10ft LED lights for tv fits most size of TV and computer.

Incredible Gaming Experience

Govee TV backlights can sync with your gaming music, the color and brightness will change simultaneously as the music changes, indulging you in an gaming world.

Cozy Sleeping Atmosphere

LED lights for TV with adjustable, elegant colors will pervading the whole room and bringing you a romantic, cozy lighting experience, helping you drift to a peaceful sleep

Real Watching Scene

Come with 16 million diy colors and 7 scene modes, you can choose your favorite modes and color, these LED lights for TV help to build home theatre.

Length 12.5FT/ 4 Sections 16.4FT/4 Sections 6.56FT/1 Section 10FT/ 4 Sections 6.56FT/ 4 Sections 10FT/ 4 Sections
Suitable TV Size 55-65 inch 75-85 inch 30-50 inch 46-60 inch 40-60 inch 46-60 inch
Connection Wi-Fi+Bluetooth Wi-Fi+Bluetooth Bluetooth Wi-Fi+Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Alexa control No No No
Lamp Beads 114 150 60 90 60 54
Music Mode 4 4 4 1 No 1
Scene Mode 99+ 99+ 64+ 7 7 64+
Power Supply Adapter Adapter USB Port Adapter+USB Port USB Port USB Port
Min Input 12V/2A 12V/2A 5V/2A 5V/2A 5V/2A 5V/2A