Cloneralliance Box Pro, Capture 1080P@60Fps HDMI Videos/Games and Play Back Instantly with the Remote Control, Schedule Recording, Hdmi/Vga/Av/Ypbpr Input. No PC Required.

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  • Standalone 1080p@60fps video capture device and video recorder. Playback videos with remote control.
  • Capture and record Full HD 1080p@60fps hdmi videos from various game consoles and other video sources.[Tip: The Smart TV can't be a video Source.]
  • H.264 hardware encoder. Save videos as MP4 files to USB flash drive/external HDD. No PC is required.
  • Free video edit/conversion software included. Live gameplay/videos to YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. [Please note the function is only available on Windows system.]
  • Analog video to digital video converter. VGA, AV(composite), YPbPr(component) inputs are supported. [The device does not support any content protected by HDCP. When connected to an HDCP (Content Protection) source, it will output an error message or nothing. This does not indicate a defect.]

Product Description

  • Instantly Playback recorded videos on USB storage devices with the remote.
  • Captures 1080p Full HD videos or gameplay from Xbox one, PS4, DVR, VCR, etc onto USB flash drive or external hard disk or PC.
  • Supports HDMI, VGA, AV(composite) and YPbPr(component) input signals. Convert analog video to digital video(MP4).
  • Schedule Recording.
  • Capture and live games/videos to YouTube/Twitch/Facebook(Windows only).
  • Press one button to take a screenshot and save your favorite video moment as a JPG file.
  • 4K input(3840*2160) is supported, output and recorded videos are in 1080p.
  • Bundled software ClonerAlliance Helper(Windows only) can help you record video files of unlimited size. MP4-Cloner(Windows only) can help to edit and burn videos to discs and more.

Record full HD 1080p videos. Playback instantly.

Do you have VHS tapes or video discs that need to be converted to MP4 digital files? Or you have too many video files saved on your DVR and need to free its storage space. With ClonerAlliance Box Pro, with just one press, all your favorite videos can be stored on your USB storage devices.

Capture/Live Gaming to YouTube/Twitch/Facebook(Windows only).

With 3rd party software such as OBS, XSplit, etc, it allows you to capture and live HD gaming videos from any gaming devices. Meanwhile, all the recorded videos can be shared to YouTube/Twitch/Facebook instantly. The internal 3.5mm mic jack allows you to add own live commentary.

Capture and record videos to USB storage devices from various video devices.

  • Capture and record full HD 1080P videos or gameplay from Xbox One, PS4, PC, DVR, VCR, etc onto a USB flash drive or external hard disk/mobile hard drive.
  • Just press the "PLAYBACK" button on the remote, you can enjoy the recorded videos instantly after recording.
  • OSD menu provides a variety of functions: Record Resolution, Bitrate, Brightness, Contrast, Schedule Recording, etc.
  • The recorded MP4 files are compatible with PC, Mobile phones and any other platforms.

Audio and USB storage device Tip:

  • The product records PCM or Stereo format. Please adjust the audio output of the source device to PCM or Stereo.
  • It's recommended that the reading and writing speeds of the USB storage device are both 50Mbps or above.

Convert Analog Videos to Digital Videos.

  • Some of your most cherished moments like birthday parties or weddings in life may be on VCR or other analog signal devices.
  • Take your time to backup them now! ClonerAlliance Box Pro enables you to record videos from any device with a VGA, AV(RCA, composite), or YPbPr(component) output and keep them forever.

Schedule recording at your convenience.

You must want to enjoy the latest sporting events and stay up to date with your favorite videos. Set up your video source, select the target channel, schedule recording task. ClonerAlliance Box Pro will do the rest for you.


Two AAA batteries for the remote control are not included in the packing box.

Press one button to take screenshots as JPG files.

Amazing or hilarious moments while watching videos won’t wait your camera to capture. Just one press can make it. Stores them into a folder so as to browse them anytime.

Connecting with PC. Bundled Software provides you with more value-added features.

ClonerAlliance Helper(Windows only):

Unlimited recording capacities; Create more schedule tasks; Playback recorded MP4 files on multi-device via LAN; One press to get GIF animation(30 seconds at most). Cool!

And more.

MP4-Cloner(Windows only):

Edit/trim/combine/burn recorded the MP4 files;

4K Input is supported.

4K UHD resolution 3840*2160 input is supported, real time output and recorded videos are 1080p. The resolution of recorded video can be 1920x1080 (60p).