PRAISUN Monitor Stand Riser, Dual Computer Monitor Stand for Desk, 3 Shelf Screen Stand with Adjustable Length and Angle, Upgrade 2 Extra Slots Storage, White

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  • 【COSTOM LENGTH&ANGLE】: This monitor riser consists of three sections, with the center section acting more as a support for the right and left sections. The length of these three sections is 23.5”,when the side boards meet in the middle, but this design can be expanded depending on available space and the longest stretch length can reach 36". Also, the right and left platforms rotate on pins screwed into the center platform, allowing for easy adjustment of the monitor angles
  • 【UPGRADED DUAL SLOTS DESIGN】: We bring you a brand-new upgraded monitor riser this time! We add two extra slots in the stands to hold your personal or office cell phone. This will increase your work efficiency by helping you multitask with multiple windows open and well organized. Besides, tablets, switch, pens are also suitable for storage. You won't realize how convenient these slots section in the front will be
  • 【45LB BEARING CAPACITY】: Our monitor stand riser is made of P2 Particleboard, which is certified by American CARB. The material is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a strong stability, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 45lbs
  • 【ORDERLY STORAGE】: Our dual stand riser not only increases the height of your monitor, but also provides you with more space for storage beneath, allowing you to put office accessories like notebooks, calculator, stapler and so on
  • 【SCIENTIFIC DESIGN】: The two side boards measure 4.5 inches high, lifting your screens to eye level for a comfortable and ergonomical viewing height. This helps to reduce stress on shoulders, neck and eye strain

Product Description

Praisun Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Are you putting excess strain on your neck, hunching down in order to get your eyes to appropriate eye-level for monitor viewing? This little stand raises the monitors just enough to keep most of the screen at a comfortable eye-level

It also helps make your workload easier by helping your multitask with multiple windows open and well organized. Encourage you to keep a neat and tidy work space, making your home & office life more efficient!

It can create more space on even a very tiny desk. The little space underneath is nice for storing personal items and routing cables through as well

Adjustable Length

The desktop stand has 3 lengths to be selected. You can adjust it freely for one or two screens as you like

Customized Angle

You can switch the monitor riser to set your device to a most comfortable viewing angle by adjusting the 2 side shelves

The unique slots design added will make your home & office life more convenient!

Slots for Charger

Phone Holder

Tablet Holder

Pen Holder