Aimdor Cartonbox Target Archery Cardboard Target Compound Bow Crossbow Recurve Bow Target 6 Sided Cube Field Point Arrow Targets for Compound Crossbow Practice Target for Outdoor Hunting and Play

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  • ­čÄ»Reminder: The material of this target is cardboard, please take it carefully if you mind
  • ­čÄ»6-SIDED SHOOTING´╝Ü4 traditional bullseyes, nine-ball bullseyes, dartboard game; Easy arrow removal allows you to get the whole family in on outdoor fun.
  • ­čÄ»DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Powerful construction withstands blows from crossbows, compound bows, and air bows, stopping up to 400 FPS.
  • ­čÄ»PORTABLE: Weighing in at only 10 pounds for simple traveling and on-the-go training´╝Ť16 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 16 inches tall.
  • ­čÄ»MADE FOR YOU :Aimdor archery box target designed to take your skills to the next level; The archery targets made for you are lightweight, reusable and weather resistant to allow you to practice anytime or anywhere.